Powder Cat Skiing in Fernie BC at Fernie Wilderness Adventures

FWA has more to offer than just amazing catskiing trips. We are committed to ensuring a relaxing and unique holiday experience. Please explore below to learn about how we plan everything to guarantee that you have a well rounded and relaxing experience.

Why Cat Skiing

Escape the crowded ski hills and experience the quiet, undisturbed calm of drifting down a Canadian mountain that seems as if it’s begging you to cut through its deep powder. The advantage of Catskiing/boarding is that you will be riding fantastic back country slopes. Our reliable and versatile snowcats enables us to take you to some of the most challenging and fresh mountain runs. Best of all our snowcats can climb in almost any type of weather versus some of the flying limitations associated with heli-skiing. Other advantages of Catskiing are: the ability to leave personal items on the cat such as extra clothing, being able to warm up in the heated cat between runs while meeting and socializing with people from all over the globe.

What Are Your Prices?

Our rates are as follows:

Cat Skiing

Early/Late season rate of $475.00 + 5% tax
(Early season is opening day to January 8th – Late season is March 16th to end of season)

Regular season rate of $575.00 + 5% tax
(Regular season is January 9th to March 15th)

Ski Rentals

$50.00 + 5% tax


$150.00 + 13% tax per person, per night

Private Cat Special

Must be booked by Dec 1, 2020 to receive the following special.  Rates valid throughout the 2020/21 ski season. 

Private cats available for smaller groups.

6 people $675.00 + 5% tax per person

8 people $600.00 + 5% tax per person

Steep & Deep

Catskiing can be enjoyed by both powder veterans and first time back country skier/snowboarder. Terrain is predominately glade tree skiing with occasional tree bands leading into open chutes suitable for advanced intermediate to advanced type skier or boarder. There is a lead guide who navigates the line down the mountain and a tail guide who points out the best lines and ensures that the group descends safely. Depending on the group and conditions of the day, you can expect to get 8-10 runs, which is approximately 10,000-12,000 vertical for the day. Each of our three cats are fully heated and hold twelve people. Invite eleven friends or family and book the entire state-of-the-art cat. You will get the feeling on the mountain that you are the first person ever to ski this terrain. If you are tired it is always an option to sit out a run in the cat, up front with the driver.

The Terrain

Fernie Wilderness is nestled in a nearby mountain range just south west of the Alpine Resort of Fernie known for its legendary deep snow dumps. The area at Fernie Wilderness covers over 5,000+ acres with a variety of ridges to begin your descents from. The guides at Fernie Wilderness have a vast variety to choose from.

  • With the elevation at over 7,150 ft / 2170 meters the conditions keep the snow falling from the coast and dry powder perfect for skier and snowboarders to enjoy world renowned Canadian Rockies.
  • The terrain ranges from ridges, valleys’ to spectacular gladed meadows.
  • Its just down right sweet
Our Lodge

Fernie Wilderness Adventure’s charming stacked log cabin awaits your arrival at the end of a ancient tree lined road, it sits nested in a wooded valley with rustic mountains encircling it. The lodge keeps to a true unmarred mountain experience but with a cozy feeling. It boasts a spacious vaulted ceiling living area with a solid wood dining table fit for a king, where our guests can share stories and recollections of the day.

After an exhilarating day we welcome you to relax in our authentic wood burning hot tub as a cool mountain breeze surrounds you. Enjoy your favorite beverage under the stars on the large deck around the outdoor fire pit. An undisturbed sleep awaits you. There are eight bedrooms with single or double occupancy three of which have private bathrooms. FWA lodge is truly an experience of its own. The lodge is generator- and solar-powered with cell phone service from the parking lot. The FWA lodge is a more relaxed, peaceful stay in the area.

It will be hard not to feel warmth, serenity and comfort during your stay in our rustic cabin.

Dining With Us

At FWA we believe in serving and cooking “family style” food. Our chef never stops preparing quality, delicious food in vast quantities during your stay. We believe a plentiful hot breakfast is the only way to start the day. A nutritious hand packed lunch is presented to each guest to ensure regulated high levels of energy. Culinary feasts are part of the package price.

We guarantee you will never go hungry or unsatisfied. Please let us know of any requests for certain preferred foods in advance of your visit. We will also be able to accommodate most dietary restrictions.

Your Itinerary

Here is an example of a typical day staying and skiing with Fernie Wilderness Adventures.

  • 8.00 am – Arrival at the Lodge (Pick-ups available) we have a cozy fireplace and bathroom facilities.
    After a short talk on the day’s proceedings and a safety briefing regarding snowcat procedures, we load up the snowcat and head out into the backcountry.
  • 9.15am – 9.45am – You step out of the snowcat after ascending up the mountain and our guides begin a quick orientation to ensure your  comfort with our safety procedures and equipment. You will be at 6,500 feet altitude, clicking into your bindings for the first run of the day.
  • 9:50 am – A cool mountain breeze brushes against your face as you stare down the mountain at the lead guide drifting effortlessly through the deep powder. Your hands feel shaky and your heart is pounding so hard your worried others can hear it. You breafly imagine your poor coworkers answering emails, stuck in an office as you are visually engulfed from Canada’s purest beauty.
    You take a deep breath and push yourself forward.. Bliss.
  • 10:50 am – Repeat
  • 11:50 am – Repeat
  • 12:50 pm – Repeat
  • 1:50 pm – Repeat
  • 2:50 pm – Repeat
  • 3.50pm – 4:30pm – The end of your day depends more on the energy level of the group, snow and weather conditions etc, than what time it is.
  • 5.00pm – You return to our Base Lodge and re-live the day checking out all the photos from the day.
  • 5.30pm – An indulgent dinner will be served for our guests that choose to stay at the lodge with us. Maybe a drink around the fire pit is in order or a dip in the wood fire burning hot tub to relax those tense back muscles. If your lucky enough you will get to repeat this day all over again tomorrow.
What's Included

Your trip includes: a full day of Catskiing, use of our avalanche transceivers, and a hearty lunch that is served with a view, in the cat on poor weather days and outside on nice days. Snacks are always available between runs. To help reduce the amount of single use of plastic water bottles  we encourage  our guests to bring along their own filled re-useable water bottles if possible. Extra charges include: transfer to and from our Lodge which is a 20 minute drive, Fat ski rentals (boots and poles not included) and gratuities. If you do not have your own transportation, we can arrange it for you at an additional charge.

Skiable terrain is dependent upon current weather conditions, group ability and safety. As with any climate controlled activity some alterations to daily plans may be necessary to provide the safest experience possible for that days conditions. All of our guides are in constant contact with the office by way of radio and have Avalanche & First Aid training. They strive to offer a professional, yet fun atmosphere.

Our Amenities

Fernie is often thought of as an alpine village because of its world-class skiing, legendary powder, and setting within the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

There are many outdoor activities to experience year-round in Fernie, including mountain biking, golf, hiking, fishing, skiing, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Other activities that are less physically demanding include paying a visit to the Fernie Historical Museum, shopping on main street, or enjoying a fine meal at one of the numerous restaurants and pubs throughout the town.

A visit to Fernie will yeild you with an unforgettable experience of majestic beauty, and an eclectic mix of people from all over the world.

Look no further then FWA to experience a Catskiing adventure at its best. Our non-intimidating fashion, affordable prices and down to earth mentality will ensure an excellent vacation. FWA has deep roots in the Fernie wilderness as they have been operating for over twenty one years; they boast an unsurpassed knowledge of their surroundings. The staff all share a passion for extreme adventures.