Cat Skiing

Cat Skiing with FWA

Look no further then FWA to experience a Cat Skiing adventure at its best. Our non-intimidating fashion, authentic backcountry experience, and down to earth mentality will ensure an excellent adventure. FWA has deep roots in the Fernie community as we have been operating since 1995; we boast an unsurpassed knowledge of our surroundings. Our staff all have a passion for sharing their love of backcountry skiing and riding.

Why Cat Skiing?

Escape the crowded ski hills and experience the quiet, undisturbed calm of drifting down a Canadian mountain that seems as if it’s begging you to cut through its deep powder. The advantage of Catskiing/boarding is that you will be riding fantastic back country slopes. Our reliable and versatile snowcats enables us to take you to some of the most challenging and freshest of mountain runs. Best of all, our snowcats can climb in almost any type of weather or snow conditions. Other advantages of Catskiing are: the ability to leave personal items on the cat such as extra clothing, being able to warm up in the heated cat between runs, and meeting and socializing with people from all over the globe.

Cat Skiing at FWA

Catskiing can be enjoyed by both powder veterans and first time back country skier/snowboarder. Terrain is predominately glade tree skiing leading into open areas suitable for advanced to expert type skier or boarder. There is a guide who chooses the runs and leads the line down the mountain and a tail guide who assists guests and ensures that the group descends safely. Depending on the group and conditions of the day, you can expect to get 8-10 runs, which is approximately 8,000-12,000 vertical for the day. Each of our cats are fully heated and hold twelve people. Invite eleven friends or family and book the entire cat! 

Our Private Terrain

Fernie Wilderness is located along the Morrisey Ridge just south west of  Fernie Alpine Resort known for its legendary deep snow dumps. The area at Fernie Wilderness covers over 5,000+ acres with a variety of ridges to begin your descent from. The guides at Fernie Wilderness have a vast range of terrain to choose from.

With the elevation at over 7,150 ft / 2170 meters the conditions keep the snow falling from the coast and dry powder perfect for skier and snowboarders to enjoy world renowned Canadian Rockies. The terrain ranges from ridges, valleys’ to spectacular gladed meadows. Its just down right sweet!

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