The Lodge

Mountain Lodge

Fernie Wilderness Adventure’s charming stacked log cabin awaits your arrival at the end of a ancient tree lined road, it sits nested in a wooded valley with rustic mountains encircling it. The lodge keeps to a true unmarred mountain experience but with a cozy feeling. It boasts a spacious vaulted ceiling living area with a solid wood dining table fit for a king, where our guests can share stories and recollections of the day.

After an exhilarating day we welcome you to relax in our authentic wood burning hot tub as a cool mountain breeze surrounds you. Enjoy your favorite beverage under the stars on the large deck around the outdoor fire pit. An undisturbed sleep awaits you. There are eight bedrooms with single or double occupancy three of which have private bathrooms. FWA lodge is truly an experience of its own. The lodge is generator- and solar-powered with cell phone service from the parking lot. The FWA lodge is a more relaxed, peaceful stay in the area.

It will be hard not to feel warmth, serenity and comfort during your stay in our rustic cabin.

Dining With Us

At FWA we believe in serving and cooking “family style” food. Our chef never stops preparing quality, delicious food in vast quantities during your stay. We believe a plentiful hot breakfast is the only way to start the day. A nutritious hand packed lunch is presented to each guest to ensure regulated high levels of energy. Culinary feasts are part of the package price.

We guarantee you will never go hungry or unsatisfied. Please let us know of any requests for certain preferred foods in advance of your visit. We will also be able to accommodate most dietary restrictions. 

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