Protecting Our Environment

At FWA we are not only surrounded by some of the most breathtaking natural beauty in North America but we get the privilege of showing our guests the beauty we are lucky enough to wake up to every single morning. Therefore we have a deep commitment in preserving and protecting mother nature. Our lodge is not on the power grid and run soley by a solar panel strategically placed on the roof and a generator that supplies the rest of the energy. We do not have phones or televisions in the individual rooms to conserve energy. We buy our meat and produce from local farmers and recycle all used oil, bottles, glass, and plastic. As our snowmobiles wear out we buy four-stroke engine which have lower emissions and decreased fuel usage. In the winter months we keep the snow cats idle time to a minimum. Keep in mind, some excursions require 4 wheel drive. We are committed to protecting the landscape and environment the best to our ability.


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