Risk Mitigation

FWA’s COVID Risk Mitigation Plan & Policy

Here at FWA we take the responsibility of the safety of our guests and staff very seriously. To keep everyone as safe as possible we are implementing some changes to our policies and company procedures. We will be following all the BC Health Authority and WSBC regulations regarding COVID 19 safety to mitigate the risk. These procedures will be updated as needed.

PLEASE NOTE: Guests will be required to bring their own non-medical mask. Buffs are not considered an acceptable mask.


At the Lodge:

  • A pre-screening COVID questionnaire will be required for all guests
  • Personal information for contact tracing will be collected
  • Masks will be required inside the lodge
  • Occupation numbers will be limited inside to provide extra space for guests
  • Transceivers, guest packs and radios will be sanitized daily
  • Snow cats will be sanitized daily
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures for washrooms and high touch surfaces
  • Staff daily health check

On the Mountain:

  • Masks will be required in the snow cat
  • Masks much be worn while loading and unloading skis
  • Assigned seating inside cats
  • Mountain and avalanche safety talks will be completed outside of the snow cat
  • Eating and drinking will be done outside of the snow cat
  • Lunches will be divided into individual bags
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in the snow cat

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